1. shihlun:

    Kimiko Suzuki, foreground, and her older brother Hideaki watch their cat play in front of a fan in Hiroshima in 1941.

    (Provided by Tsuneaki Suzuki)

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  2. anneyhall:

    Coney Island, NY, 1952.

    Photo by Garry Winogrand

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  4. alessandro-panico:

    Torino di Sangro - Aprile 2014

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  5. highqualityfashion:

    Chanel Haute Couture FW 14

  8. untitled by muravey. on Flickr.

  9. matthewdanielswan:

    Brienne of Tarth

  10. dig-image:

    David Robilliard

  11. tim-barber:

    King Krule photographed by Tim Barber for Libertin Dune Magazine, styled by Brittany Berger. 

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  15. dear: by LHW / on Flickr.