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    The Belgian photographer Anton Kusters spent two years photographing the Yakuza, Japan’s most notorious gang. He returned with some amazing images that he made into a book called “Odo Yakuza Tokyo”. (Odo means “the way of the cherry blossom” and is the credo of the Yakuza family he followed. In the introduction, Kusters tells the dramatic tale of how he gained such amazing access. “A smouldering cigarette was all that remained in the ashtray on the table we sat at. The family Boss had just nodded yes, then stood up and left the room with his bodyguard. My brother Malik and I had done it. After months of negotiating, we were allowed to present our project proposal to the Boss, and he had just accepted. Roughly 1,600 family members now would to be informed of our presence, to prevent “shoot first, ask questions later” type of incidents. The door to photographing the Yakuza, the largest organised crime syndicate in the world, was now open…”

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    David Goldblatt (1930 Randfontein)
    Man on a beach, Joubert Park, Johannesburg, 1975 (no. 2)
    From the series Particulars, 2003 (publishing date)

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    A-12 pilots wore a type of protective pressure suit with thermal insulation, pressure control, cooling, and a life support system. The suit offered protection from heat radiating through the windshield and from cold and low pressure in the event of a high-altitude bailout. (Photo by Central Intelligence Agency)

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    Second Place, Close-Ups. “Just Hanging Around”. (Photo by Dawn Kuss/The Palm Beach Post)

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    Amelia Is World By Robin Schwartz

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    Toshio Saeki

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    Non-Hindus carry nets as they wait on the edge of the crater to catch offerings cast down by Hindus during the Kasodo ceremony at Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, Indonesia, August 12, 2014. The Kasodo ceremony is a way of Tengger Hindus to express their gratitude to God for good harvest and fortune. The offerings range from vegetables to chickens, from fruits to goats, from money to other valuables. (Photo by Fully Handoko/EPA)

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    sketchbook drunk

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    Olaf Breuning
    Helicopter hair, 2008

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  12. Interview June/July 2014

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    "The Holycyclop mowing chaos" re-edited

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